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Tracing requests through API Gateway and Lambda

Hi. I'm trying to use X-Ray to trace requests that go through API Gateway to Lambda functions. There are a few unclear issues:

1. Should X-Ray be showing the Method and URL of each request in the Traces console? At the moment it seems that this information is blank.

2. Should I be using "Enable active tracing" in Lambda? According to the documentation it seems that API Gateway should be triggering the tracing and this checkbox should be left disabled. But if I disable it, new traces no longer appear in the console.

3. What about scheduled tasks and other AWS event triggered Lambdas (such as DynamoDB and S3 events)? Will X-Ray be able to automatically show the event source in the console, and does the "Enable active tracing" need to be enabled?

I'm using a single Lambda function to handle several API Gateway endpoints and other AWS events, so it would be very helpful in X-Ray to distinguish what purpose the Lambda function is being executed for. I can use the Node X-Ray SDK to add a custom subsegment, but it's not shown as a separate circle in the Service map.

PS. I think X-Ray is a really nice service, I just need to get the integration right.


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    Hey Amelia,

    It looks like your question is about AWS tools, but you've posted it on the Facebook Developer Circles competition forum. I'd recommend posting your question on the AWS Dev Forums here: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/index.jspa

    Hope this helps!

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    Yeah sure Stefanie...

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