The Developer Circles Community Challenge requires you to build your solutions using at least one of the following Facebook platform products or open source Facebook developer tools:

Closed Source Facebook Platform Products

Facebook Login and Account Kit Simple, password-free account creation.
Facebook Analytics Measure, understand, and optimize the way people use your app.
Messenger Platform Build bots and live-messaging tools.

Open Source Tools

React A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
React Native A framework for building native apps.
React VR Build VR apps using only JavaScript.
Caffe2 A lightweight, modular, and scalable deep learning framework.
Fresco A powerful system for displaying images in Android apps.
Litho A declarative UI framework for Android.
ComponentKit Yoga (specifically YogaKit which can be used in iOS apps!)
GraphQL A query language for your API.
Relay A JavaScript framework for building data-driven React apps.

Even more tools!

You are required to use at least one of the tools mentioned above, but feel free to use more of Facebook’s platform products as well.

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Challenge Support

General Questions: We’ve got you covered. If you have a question about the competition rules, contact us at or send us a message in the competition Facebook Group.

Tech Support: First, check your local Developer Circle for a developer who can help! After that, you can visit the product documentation, the competition Facebook Group, or the discussion forums on Devpost.



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