In-Person Hack Days

Developer Circles Leads around the world will be hosting in-person Hack Days and you should take part! 

Step 1: Join your local Circle to get specific information on the time and location of your event.

Step 2: Check back as new Hack Days are added to the schedule.


Date Location
October 28th Accra
October 26th Ado-Ekiti
November 5th Amman
November 19th Bali
November 11th Bandung
November 4th Bangalore
October 27th and 28th Bangkok
October 14th Bauchi
November 11th Bogota
November 11th Buenos Aires
October 27th Cairo
October 27th Cape Town
November 14th Casablanca
November 18th Chambery
October 28th Chennai
November 4th Coimbatore
October 28th Dakar
October 28th Delhi
October 6th Dhaka
November 11th Durban
October 27th Gaza
November 11th Geneva
November 11th Guadalajara
October 28th Guatemala City
November 11th Harare
November 12th Ho Chi Minh City
October 28th Hyderabad
November 12th Islamabad
November 11th Jakarta
November 11th Kaduna
October 28th Kampala
November 4th Kano
November 4th Kathmandu
November 11th Kigali
October 9th Kochi
October 2nd Kolkata
November 17th Lagos
November 5th Lahore
October 2nd Lusaka
November 18th Maiduguri
October 28th and 29th Malang
November 19th Manila
November 4th Mexico City
November 4th Miami
November 3rd Mumbai
November 4th Nairobi
October 21st Paris
October 21st Pretoria
November 11th Pune
November 4th Santiago
October 21st Surabaya
November 11th Taipei
November 11th Tunis
November 19th Vienna
November 18th - 19th Windhoek
November 5th and 12th Yogyakarta