•   about 5 years ago

How to know my project was submitted successfully?

Why couldn't I see my project in Submissions tab? I just wanna check if I have submitted successfully to this challenge.
This is the link to the project: https://devpost.com/software/codelab-2yirgq
and I saw "You're registered for this hackathon." in the left side bar? Is it OK?

Thanks for your help


  •   •   about 5 years ago

    if your project was submitted successfully then you would have received an email saying
    " ....thanks for submitting your project to Developer Circles Community Challenge.... "

  •   •   about 5 years ago

    Thank you, but I did not find an email like that :(

  • Manager   •   about 5 years ago

    Hey Anh,

    It looks like you didn't submit in time, unfortunately. The deadline was 10pm EST and the platform stops allowing submissions after that. I'm sorry!


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