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Students category options

We are confused on the rules regarding students options.
Okay we have built 2 different apps with various team
1.) App A has 2 teams
The First member is still a student in university while the second team member has graduated since 6 years ago... does this team falls under students category ?

2.) App B has 3 teams
The First team member graduated 5 months ago and other 2 team members graduated 5 years ago, do they qualify also under students team. Please this is urgent...


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  • Manager   •   almost 6 years ago

    Hey! It sounds like your submitters are not eligible for the student prizes, but if your submissions are eligible otherwise, you'd be up for some of the non-student prizes.

    The rules for the student prizes are:

    Best App by a Student Team Eligibility Requirements: In addition to the other eligibility requirements described in these Terms & Conditions, Entrants (including all team members, if a team submission) must:

    be currently enrolled in at least six credits or two courses, or the equivalent at the time of entry (or must have been enrolled in such credits or courses within the past six months); OR

    have graduated in the six months prior to the date of entry from either a secondary school or functional equivalent, or an accredited post-secondary institution (e.g., university, community college, technical college).


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