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Does the solution have to be integrated into Facebook Developer Circles

Hi, i understand the objective of Facebook developer circles and how this is closely linked to the 3 areas from which a solution is required. My question is, does my solution have to be directly integrated into Facebook Developer Circles? If the answer is yes, then this would give Facebook Circle admins and advantage over non admins, as they have the rights/permissions to do so.

Looking forward to your answer.
Many thanks

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  • Manager   •   about 5 years ago

    Hey Bethel,

    Good question! No, your solution does not need to integrate directly with Developer Circles. It doesn't even need to work directly with Facebook (unless you're using the Messenger platform, of course). It can be a standalone app. The main requirements are: that it helps developers, uses at least one of the required tools, and fits into one of the three categories.

    Hope this is helpful!

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