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Need more details on the three available categories


Although self-explanatory, It would be great if you can explain these three categories a little more in detail.

## Improve your craft - A product that helps developers code and improve their skills
Could this product be a web, mobile app? a CLI tool? can we use any available API, Could it be a site like udemy, udacity, stackoverflow?

## Get it done - A product that makes work easier or more productive for developers
Does GitHub, Trello, Slack, Jira, all belong to this category?

## Community - A product that helps developers connect
Like GitHub, Stackoverflow, LinkedIn, Facebook groups, forums, social media?

It would be great if you can provide list of apps/tools which you consider are best in the above categories mentioned.

Thank you.


  • Manager   •   about 5 years ago

    Hey Dhruv,

    Good questions! I think all of your examples are all right on target. Slack could also be a community application, as well as a Get it Done app.

    Get it Done could cover simpler things that help you get your work done faster. Maybe there's a technical task you end up repeating all the time. Can you automate it somehow?

    Improve Your Craft doesn't necessarily have to be new developers, but could be a way for existing devs to stay up-to-date.

    You're open to creating anything you want (mobile, web, Messenger bot, etc.) as long as you use at least one of the Facebook products listed. You can use more than one. You can use one in conjunction with other APIs.

    In general, though, your examples are really good. If your submission ends up being applicable to more than one category, you will still have to pick one. You can think about what it would be best used for or what you'd prefer it be used for and explain in your text description.

    I hope this helps!

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    This helped a lot.

    Thank you.

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